The Viking who sold his Porsche and became a surfing instructor in Hawaii

Wed, Mar 10, 2021, 5:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Despite how it sounds, this is not the title of a new novel. But it really happened. Fridrik Gudjonsson, aka the Viking, is the rockstar of our next fireside chat. He is not the usual tech founder and you will see why. From a failed engineering student to business savvy. From a successful fintech, to an Icelandic food brand. And from driving a Porsche on the streets of Reykjavik to becoming a surfing instructor in Hawaii. The best part is ... he could not even surf.

On the 10th of March, Startup Grind Oslo is hosting Fridrik Gudjonsson, an Icelandic serial entrepreneur who will share his story with successes and failures during a fireside chat. If you are curious about his experience, it includes:

  • Founder and CEO of Feed the Viking, a food startup offering high protein snacks made from Icelandic Lamb, Beef, and Cod 
  • CEO of Keldan, a financial data platform - successful exit in 2013
  • Founder and CEO of Prentagram, an automated quality photo printing solution
  • Other cool, crazy and boring stuff like: ran a marathon, volunteered for the Search and Rescue group, worked as a stock broker during the Financial Crisis, surfing instructor in Hawaii. 

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