When a tech unicorn brings DISRUPTION

Oslo House of Innovation - Skippergata 22 Oslo, 0154 Oslo
Tue, May 29, 2018, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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  • Andrius Biceika, Head of Business Development at Revolut
  • Casey Fenton, Founder/Chairman at Couchsurfing.com
  • Ieva Martinkenaite, VP AI/IoT at Telenor Group
  • Halvard Skogheim, Head Of Strategy at Vipps
  • Shotaro Tsuda, Japanese VC fund Mistletoe
  • Moderator: Matthew Smith, AngelChallenge


To disrupt or not to disrupt?!

While business history is full of examples like Netflix taking down Blockbuster or Microsoft surpassing IBM, is disruption itself the objective?. Peter Thiel is famous for criticizing startups’ obsession with disruption, which often takes a toll on the act of creation. Besides, is it always a smart move to wake up a sleeping giant by yelling "DISRUPTION"?

On the 29th of May we will grind these questions with our amazing guest speakers and companies will be:

Fireside chat with Europe’s most recent tech unicorn - Revolut! 

 Andrius Biceika is Head of Business Development in one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. If you have not heard, their banking app just raised Series C funding, being valued at $1.7 billion.  Also, they have a really cool approach to marketing and or opening new markets

Keynote from Casey Fenton: The Secrets of Hacking Human Identity

Casey Fenton is a serial entrepreneur who founded and grew Couchsurfing.com to a community of more than 15 million members. He has a passion for building talented, diverse teams and bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. He has alwo built Wonder, a 360 peer feedback app and Mastly, equity as a service.

DISRUPT Panel where Revolut will be joined by:

  • Ieva Martinkenaite who is heading Telenor-NTNU AI-Lab and Start IoT initiatives in Telenor Group will cover a different angle of innovation and disruption from a corporate point of view.
  • Halvard Skogheim is currently the Head Of Strategy at Vipps, Norway's largest mobile payments application that launched in 2015 and has 2.8 million users.
  • Shotaro Tsuda will represent the investment/VC fund Mistletoe, that was founded by the legendary Japanese serial entrepreneur and investor Taizo Son and focuses on social impact investments. (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/mistletoe)
  • Moderator: Matthew Smith, Investment Program Director at AngelChallenge, that has the mission to introduce, educate and inspire first-time Startup Investors to the world of startup investing.


  • Andrius Bičeika

    Andrius Bičeika


    Head of Business Development

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  • Casey Fenton

    Casey Fenton



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    Tuesday, May 29
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


    Oslo House of Innovation
    Skippergata 22 Oslo0154

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