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Thu, Jan 23, 6:30 PM (EET)

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Scaling a business - what, when, who, how...endless questions, but no clear cut answers. The best way to learn how we could go to the next level is to ask someone who's already been there and has done it. Nikola will share his story and experiences of building one of the biggest IT companies in Bulgaria - Programista. He has played an instrumental role in building the company from 5 to 300 people in year 6. He will talk about the challenges he overcame, the lessons he learned, the do's and don'ts of scaling a company. 

Nikola will also share his unique experience of scaling not just a business but his IT academy as well at the same time. Moreover, as he has recently made a switch back to the startup life - founding Ulpia Tech, his latest venture, he will share his views on the differences and similarities between the life in a corporate and in a startup and when is the right time to press the reset button again.


  • Nikola Valchanov

    Nikola Valchanov

    Ulpia Tech


    Nikola is a seasoned technologist and is being working in the IT sector for 15+ years. He is a successful entrepreneur - co-founding the popular IT academy Pragmatic Llc and the software company Programista Jsc. He also shares his knowledge as an assistant professor at the University of Plovdiv and is passionate about novel technology, solving problems and educating bright minds.

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    Thursday, Jan 23
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EET)


    BizLabs Coworking
    Legis Business Centre, Office 3-6B, 152 bul 6-ti Septemvri Plovdiv4000

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