Startup Grind hosts a Workshop on Dealing with Uncertainty & Change #WeekOfWorkshops

Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 3:00 – 4:30 PM UTC

Mark your calendars: #April is Mentorship Month with AWS and what better way to launch it than to host a week of amazing online events? In the period 14-18 of April 2020, SG Rijeka brings a set of 3 virtual workshops on "Dealing with Life in Lockdown" to be held by Jane Mackay, founder of BECC Academy. Jane will teach you some practical strategies on how to deal with life under quarantine!

About this event

Mark your calendars: At Startup Grind, April is Mentorship Month with AWS and what better way to launch it than to host a week of amazing virtual events? 

In the period 14-18 of April 2020, Startup Grind Rijeka brings an amazing set of 3 online workshops on "Dealing with Life in Lockdown" to be held by Jane Mackay, founder of BECC Academy.

In this series of three online workshops, Jane will guide you through developing practical strategies to effectively and sanely deal with life under quarantine.

Workshop DAY 1: Dealing with Uncertainty and Change (1 hour) - 14th of APRIL 2020 @6 PM (GMT+2)

Learn to understand 5 key challenges you’re facing in this time of uncertainty and change and develop practical strategies to deal with those 5 key challenges.

Workshop DAY 2: Develop New Supportive Habits (1 hour) - 16th of APRIL 2020 @6 PM (GMT+2)

Learn how to view your situation objectively. Create an action plan to develop 1–3 new, necessary habits to support you through this time of uncertainty and change.

Workshop DAY 3: Coordinate Work and Family with an Action Plan (1.5 hours) - 18th of APRIL 2020 @6 PM (GMT+2)

Part 1: Determine your 1–3 top priority goals or needs, find out what’s preventing you from reaching those goals, and learn how to change your behaviour and environment to meet your needs.

Part 2: Learn how to define your priorities and needs both as individuals and as a family and together create your family action plan.

NO VIRUS CAN STOP US! So why stop learning now? Join us now! 

The best entrepreneurs don't give up: learn something, meet new friends and stay creative!

We will be happy to meet and welcome you next week,

Startup Grind Rijeka

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM UTC


4:00 PMRegistration to the Event
4:15 PMDAY 1: Workshop on Dealing with Uncertainty and Change
5:30 PMWrap Up & See You on DAY 2 of the Week of SG Workshops with Jane Mackay