Startup Pitch Battle - Focus on Gaming / Keynote Speaker - Uri Marchand of Overwolf

Rishon Lezion
Tue, Aug 18, 6:00 PM (IDT)

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Hot summer at the capital of the Southern Plain - Rishon Lezion. We celebrate it with a huge startup pitch battle. The world of gaming has been growing rapidly in recent years with billions taking part in it. It is time to show the world what we have here in our ecosystem.



LetsPlay is an eSports league that empowers students to compete for a championship on behalf of their school. Gaming + Education. Students enjoy playing, parents see their kids develop, and Schools leverage the platform to motivate their students for better achievements.


BetBee is an online game, a simulator of a bookmaker. The principle of operation is the same as that of real bookmakers, only bets are made on game currency. Purpose of the game: to make sure that the player receives all the emotions that he could receive from sports betting, without risking losing real money. We rethink the product of the bookmaker and want to offer players a similar replacement.

Tiny Money

Tiny Money is a multi-award winning hand-crafted Claymation adventure game. The game takes place in a world in which the people's socio-economic gaps influence their physical size. Pete, a simple clerk, tries to survive in a world between broke microscopic people who can be parasites, and gigantic tycoons who can trample him.


Meadow helps gaming studios to optimize every stage of their lifecycle by leveraging their gamers' feedback into actionable insights. With the Meadow intelligence platform, gaming studios improve their business with smart data-driven decisions. Our machine learning provides endless opportunities for improved and efficient workflows, quick turnarounds, and suggestions during a game's lifetime.

Color Shooter

Color Shooter is a top-down shooter based on colors. The player shoots bullets in random colors when the bullets hit an enemy, the enemy’s color change to the bullet’s color. To win the player picking up objects called Trophies, for start only when all enemies’ color equal to the Trophy color the player can pick it up. The game is fun and fast, but you still need to play strategically.

Fun at home

Kef Babit (Fun at home) is a game web app that allows kids to express themselves, their home and family through creativity and play. Each family creates a virtual home that can be easily decorated. KB enables social sharing of the kid's home and family and urban orientation. KB is included in the Ministry of Education generation program.


WePlay is a digital platform that specializes in digital party games. It provides its customers with the experience of playing party games without the need for any physical cards, boards, etc.


  • Uri Marchand

    Uri Marchand


    Keynote Speaker

    Uri Marchand is the Founder and CEO of Overwolf, a guild for in-game creators. Overwolf is a development platform that lets creators build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps and mods

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    Tuesday, Aug 18
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