Discover the Power of No Code with Jacques Co-Founder of Xano

Friday, April 9, 2021, 1:30 – 2:30 AM UTC

We're hosting a fireside chat with Jacques Antikadjian, Co-Founder of Xano, which empowers creators & business with the most scalable, flexible, secure & complete backend all with the power of NO CODE. Learn how to create your MVP and scale with the latest, most powerful no code platform. Check out the platform at

About this event

Empowering creators & business with the most scalable, flexible, secure & complete backend all with the power of NO CODE. Check out the platform at

Xano is a next-generation, tested and client proven solution to expedite the website and app development process by providing a point and click interface to build the database and engine (also known as the backend) that powers any website or mobile app without the need of an expert software developer/programmer.

Today, experienced software backend developers are required to build a robust backend for a website or mobile application and they need to build it by writing code manually. With Xano, businesses don’t require a backend software developer and are able to populate the features they need without writing or editing code. This allows for the creation, modification, and manipulation of what powers a website and mobile application without the use or knowledge of code.The principal executives and engineers at Metrix developed and perfected this backend creation technology, “XANO”, over the last decade. They have now determined the time is to let the global website development market have access to this unique and one of a kind technology that can virtually cut website and app development from weeks and months down to days or hours.


Create your backend and business logic with Xano. a NO CODE scalable Google Cloud hosted backend with a PostreSQL database providing the flexibility of a relational database along with big data needs of a NoSQL solution. Xano comes with ready to use APIs, C.R.U.D. operation (Create Read Update Delete) keeping the model in sync to bridge your frontend and backend. Xano also has an easy to understand API builder that supports engineering concepts like point & click statements, conditionals, pre-conditions and much more! All of your APIs are also automatically documented via OpenAPI (Swagger).


All Xano instances are deployed with single tenant architecture, ensuring information is separate with dedicated resources (including CPU, RAM and storage). Additionally all Xano API requests and files are served over secure SSL connections to keep your instance safe. Your backend will also automatically be placed inside Docker containers isolating it from other apps.

Price Performance Leader

Xano let's you validate your MVP using our generous free plan. When you're ready to launch, our plans cost a fraction of what you would pay if you were to deploy a backend the traditional way.

Check out the platform at 

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