Marketing 4.0 - User Experience is a New Key for Corporate Success with Aldrich Huang

Fri, May 22, 3:00 PM (GMT+8)

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In the past, a great enterprise always had a good product, good service, and a good solution. As internet marketing 4.0 faces AI, big data, what can be the key for enterprise digital transformation? The answer is User Experience.

Customer Experience Is the new brand, said by Forbes. Today, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010.

The User Experience is the new paradigm for companies to maintain competitive advantages in the market. In the Digital Century, technology enables companies to connect with their users in more meaningful, immediate, and personal ways than ever before.

Good user experience can not only help enterprises bring in customers and clients with a high brand loyalty, it can establish a higher competition threshold. According to Forrester, an internationally well-known marketing research institution, 89% of users said that when using a product that caused them to be unhappy, many people chose to stop using it and choose a competitor’s services. Furthermore, 97% of people expressed that a good user experience can determine whether or not one buys a product or service.

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  • Aldrich Huang

    Aldrich Huang

    CEO and Co-founder

    Aldrich is the CEO and co-founder of, founder of SavvyUXer, as well as the main organizer of the Savvy UX Summit. With several years of working experiences in the field of legal, business development, and customer experience, and I firmly believe that better user experience will bring joy to your users.

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