Pitch in Bulgaria - Get To Silicon Valley Investments

Friday, May 12, 2017, 3:00 – 6:30 PM UTC

Startup Grind Sofia is delighted to invite you to one of a kind event! April 26th! Come and make a great pitch of your business idea and get to serious investments in USA and Silicon Valley! Only 3 will be the winners that can pitch at the event! Our exciting guest is Kalin Tsekov from Navigato. Contact us for directions and then prepare a pitch presentation: atsoneva@startupgrind.com.

About this event

This April is a great time for a different events! Join us for exciting time with Kalin Tsekov from Navigato - a robust SaaS platform, mobile apps, and dedicated hardware IoT controllers. 

Kalin will share with us his business ideas, what it is like to be entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and how the Startup Grind Global Events work. 

Then he will be the judge of the pitch presentations of the three winners in the competition and will support the ideas to reach the potential investors. 

After the networking part we will start with the most important office yoga techniques for creativity boost and relaxation. Kaloyan Bozhilov is our Yoga Dude that is implementing in Bulgaria the great methods inspired by the work of Dada - The Monk Dude who is taking care of the mindfulness and creativity of the employees in companies like Google, Facebook, CISCO, etc.  


18.30 Networking

19.00 Fireside Chat with Kalin

19.30 Mindfulness and Creativity Tips and Tricks

19.45 Pitch Presentations

20.45 Q&A

21.00 DIY Cocktail Party

More about our exciting guest: Kalin Tsekov - also known as iKalin and Kal Bolder

Kalin has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, software and hardware developer, entrepreneur He founded several startup companies that he will tell us about on the event. Currently his new passion is AI/machine learning. In May 2015 involved again on StartUP weekend Sofia as his idea this time is related to electric mobility, focused to control charging points infrastructures - totaly wins this competition. After almost two years of hard work Navigato became a project covering B2B and B2C market segments, with awesome IoT devices. Along with this company another one was born - new freemium H2H service - elShare.

His new project after StartupGrind Global 2017 in San Francisco will assist startups to go directly to incubators and VC's in USA and Silicon Valley. 

Navigato is a robust SaaS platform, mobile apps, and dedicated hardware IoT controllers. All of these give a bunch of features to business and end users. Use Navigato to monitor your charging stations without disassembling parts and make difficult integrations. It is perfect if you are a private customer and want to share your home, office and snack bar energy for public use with a fee or for free.

Use our complex platform for B2B and B2C users.

Kaloyan Bozhilov is certified Yoga Instructor, part of Yoga Alliance. During the years he develops his mastery supervised by people like Sandjay Yogi - Rishikesh, India, Sandip Yogi - Kurukshetra, India, Svetlana Blagoeva, Bulgaria. More than 7 years he is yoga instructor, leader of seminars and lecturer. In the last year Kaloyan is working on implementing the Office Yoga Practice in Bulgaria as a way of providing ways to relaxing and improving the creativity at work.   

Office Yoga Practice  are focused on relaxing the body and mind and improving creativity. After one session the employees are feeling relaxed and energized. Lear more about the Office Yoga here: Sanoholistic.

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Friday, May 12, 2017
3:00 PM – 6:30 PM UTC


3:30 PMNetworking
4:00 PMFireside Chat with Kalin
4:30 PMTips and Tricks for Creativity Boost
4:45 PMPitch Presentations
5:45 PMFeedback and Networking
6:00 PMDIY Cocktail Party