A Tactical Guide to Mastering Remote Work

Startup Membership - Education Pillar
Wed, Jul 22, 2020, 10:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

The COVID-19 crisis has moved organizations into an all-remote workforce, whether they had tools in place for remote operations or not. Entrepreneurs and team leaders alike are learning a balance between human collaboration, corporate communication, and project management to create and maintain successful distributed teams and businesses. 

As GitLab’s Head of Remote and a pioneer of remote work, Darren Murph works at the intersection of culture, process, transparency, collaboration, efficiency, inclusivity, onboarding, hiring, employer branding, and communication. This session offers innovative ideas, techniques, and best practices that will help companies succeed in building, growing, and managing a distributed team. 

Darren will dive deeper into the advantages of remote work and how an all-remote workforce offers benefits like providing opportunity to underserved communities, treating every individual as a first-class citizen, and promoting inclusivity and diversity. Companies that pour real effort in supporting and empowering remote employees will see an outsized ROI in both profit and human capital, all while reducing office costs and de-risking their businesses by decoupling geography and results.


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