Beta to Unicorn in 6 Months with Employee #1 at Brex

Startup Membership - Education Pillar
Wed, May 5, 2021, 12:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

The founding team at Brex holds the record for building the fastest-growing B2B fintech company in the history of Silicon Valley. Join an exciting conversation with employee #1, Larissa Maranhao Rocha, who will discuss her experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Co-founders in their Stanford dorm-room before they both dropped out to enter YC. 

Their journey went at record speeds. Brex was not publicly available, no website, and no product when they raised a seed round from YC and later on a series A. Within 6 months they went from no product to the fastest company to reach unicorn status in 6 months as well as the fastest company to reach 100M ARR (15 months). 

We will cover:

  • Key findings from those first 6 months
  • What accelerated Brex's success
  • The importance of finding the right investors
  • Challenges they faced and things to avoid in your early days


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