Global markets and pandemic: new world economic scenarios (Presented by AWS)

Universita Cattolica
Wed, Apr 1, 2020, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

During our live stream event we will host Professor Carlo Cottarelli, an Italian economist: our team will be asking him a few questions related to three macro topics.

The first one will focus on the effects of Covid-19 on the world economies and financial markets, together with the strategies that governments and central banks are developing in order to protect their countries and companies from bankruptcies. In such a delicate moment the entire world is living in these weeks, we believe that understanding how the economy is moving in an international perspective is the key to get an idea of how economies should start again and recover from what is looking every day more like a global crisis.

Next, we will move to analyze how innovation could help reducing the financial damage and, in the end, we will ask Prof. Cottarelli what he believes has to be changed in policies concerning startups and innovation in Italy.

In the second part, as we will approach the end of the interview, we will give space to the audience's questions: everyone following us live will have the opportunity to ask Prof. Cottarelli something else they'd like to know in the comment section

In partnership with SG Campobasso. 

Live-streaming on Facebook: @startupgrinditaly

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  • Carlo Cottarelli

    Carlo Cottarelli

    Osservatorio CPI


    Carlo Cottarelli is an Italian economist and former director of the International Monetary Fund. On 28 May 2018 he was designated Prime Minister of Italy by President Sergio Mattarella, to lead a caretaker government that would bring Italy toward new elections. Since 2017 he is the president of the Observatory of Italian Public Accounts (CPI) of Università Cattolica.

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