Secrets to Build Your Online Brand

University of International Business and Economics Beijing
Thu, May 28, 2020, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Secrets to Build Your Online Brand

With the arrival of mobile Internet era and the rise of self media, it indicates the arrival of personal brand era. Today, with the Internet so developed, a person's career height largely depends on the success of personal brand building. The successful representative of personal brand on the Internet is KOL group.


Everyone knows the importance of the brand to the enterprise. Only when the brand is well-known can it win the favor of the public. The same is true for personal brand building. Fortunately, in the era of self media, anyone can build their own personal brand.


This seminar will take you to learn how to build your online brand on the Internet, create your own unique image, form your own influence, and finally generate personal brand value.


From this topic you will gain:


 How to build your brand on the Internet


 How to turn your hobby into a business (from blogger to marketer)


 How to start on different social media platforms




  • Raz Gal-Or

    Raz Gal-Or


    President & Founder

    He hails from Israel,graduated from Peking University. Now he is a Key Opinion Leader, and the founder of Y-Platform. 高佑思来自以色列,毕业于北京大学。是一名拥有千万粉丝的自媒体博主,也是歪果仁研究会创始人。

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