Students helping students: How to found a startup while studying?!

University of International Business and Economics Beijing
Sun, Aug 16, 2020, 7:00 PM (CST)

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"No prior knowledge and a high curiosity is a great starting point for student founders to pursue new approaches in solving big problems."

The most iconic student founders to date are without a doubt Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg - both launched their startups while studying and dropped out of school to build two of today's most valuable tech giants. While not everyone will be the next Bill Gates, the critical first-time founder experience is an invaluable education in how to build great companies - and one that holds unique advantages when being made while studying. One of the best examples of this might be Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox ($9B valuation at IPO), who previously founded an edtech startup at MIT that, put nicely in his words, provided little more than a: “great introduction to the wild world of starting companies.”

But how exactly do you get started? Does a student even have enough credibility to convert clients, build partnerships or even receive funding? What special channels do you have access to as a young founder and how do you use time and resources at university to your advantage? What's the worst case that could happen?

To get answers to these and many more questions, we invited three of our fellow colleagues from UIBE and UCAS/Tsinghua who will share their first-hand experience and some crazy stories (such as almost meeting the president of France) of founding a startup in Beijing:

  • Wahed Ahmadzai not only founded and ran the UIBEIAA Alumni Business Club and organized UIBE's biggest career fair with it, but is also currently working on his Startup YOOFU - a high-end international, cultural and educational platform. 
  • Paul-Emile Destouches, president of the AFEC French Student Association in China is the founder of 法文酒, importing wine from France to Beijing. 
  • Our lady champion Katja Kleindienst is the founder and head of the German Innovators in China (GINN), a Beijing based platform that is intended to bridge innovation, entrepreneurship and talents from the German innovation landscape with the concordant ecosystem in China.

This event is really designed from students for students: in an open atmosphere of a meeting call, everyone will be able to ask any questions that is on their mind and benefit from the failure and success learnings Wahed and Paul-Emile will share with us. 

Join us on 16th August 2020 at 7pm Beijing Time from anywhere around the world for relaxed chats. Feel free to BYOB (bring your own beer) or BYOC (yes you guessed right - bring your own coffee) and let's get together!

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Established in 2018, YOOFU is a one-stop educational platform designed to nurture international talents. YOOFU specializes in developing Project-Based Learning (PBL) curriculums, organizes cultural exchange activities, and creates an international community for students aged 6 to 16 years old. YOOFU is a proud partner to more than 30 embassies, top-tier schools, and leading education companies.

German Innovators in China (GINN)

The German Innovators in China, short GINN are a Germany and China-based platform that is intended to build bridges between Entrepreneurs and Innovators from German speaking countries and the Innovation landscape in China. We want to improve the exchange of resources, insights and best-practices, and to maximise the understanding of German Innovators of the Chinese Innovation landscape.


FaWenJiu is a french start-up established in 2019 and specialized in discovering and selling new ways of tasting french wines in China. It mostly sells alsacian wines, french white wines particularly unknown in China and perfectly adapted for Chinese food.



Sunday, Aug 16
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CST)

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