2020 Data WIN | Wenzhou Nongovernmental Think-tank Promotion Association 数据大会暨温州民间智库促进会第三届换届大会

Saturday, December 19, 2020, 6:00 – 8:00 AM UTC

时间:12月19日 下午两点 地点:温州市民间智库促进会 面向人群:创业者

About this event



On December 3rd, 2019, Startup Grind Wenzhou Party Event and DataWIN 2019 hosted by Wenzhou Popper Research Institute of Big Data were successfully held at OLink Technology Accelerator. The event invited dozens of talented people with outstanding achievements in science and technology innovation to share their latest research progress.

九位分享者,长达三小时的紧凑分享,这场SG Wenzhou 2019年会暨DataWIN2019大会不仅是为了将大家聚集在一起,畅谈关于互联网大数据的最新成果,也标志着一个科研开发创新的高潮点。我们知道这个高潮点将在未来不断地被推向一个新高度,人们的生活也将不断地受惠于前沿科技。SG Wenzhou作为一个有组织有领导,有执行力有年轻血脉,有激情有梦想的团队,也承诺会一直走在时代的前沿。

Nine speakers, three-hour intensive sharing, Startup Grind Wenzhou Party Event and DataWIN 2019 is not just a chance to gather people around to talk about the latest breakthroughs. It also marks a climax of scientific research and innovation. We know that this climax will be pushed to a higher level in the near future. Citizens’ lives will greatly benefit from cutting-edge technology. SG Wenzhou is a team full of passion and energy. We promise to keep up the pace and bring back the latest news. 

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