How to apply psychology to solve contemporary people's stress and psychological troubles?

Mon, Sep 28, 2020, 8:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Dou Zenan

* Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Department of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

* Various tech cofounders, director of behavioral Research

* Team members of the "Pause Lab" creators

* Sponsor of the 21-Day Positive Psychology Action Plan

The main content

* Why is depression more common in modern society?

* What is the use of psychological intervention? What is the difference between professional psychological intervention and reading, playing games, relaxing?

* In addition to psychological counseling, what professional psychological intervention methods can also be carried out?

* The future of content and productization and psychological applications




* 北京师范大学心理学部 临床与咨询心理学硕士

* 各色科技联合创始人,行为研究总监

* 「暂停实验室」主创团队成员

* 「21 天积极心理学行动计划」发起人


* 为什么当代社会抑郁越来越普遍?

* 心理干预有什么用?专业的心理干预和自己看书、玩游戏、放松有什么不一样?

* 除了心理咨询,还可以如何进行专业的心理干预?

* 内容化,产品化与心理学应用的未来




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