Discovery Business Klinik - DBK Masterclass with Haaris D. Saad, Founder DISRUPTORS Sanctuary

Saturday, June 12, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 PM UTC

Taking Advantage of Grant Programmes to Raise Seed Capital with Team SG - Yola. Focus - TEF/TEEP - 2021 $5000 Seed Capital. An Intensive Masterclass for Startup Grind Members in Africa (and interested non-members) who are in the TEF/TEEP - 2021 Cohort.


About this event

Discovery Business Klinik (DBK Masterclass)...

Startup Grind - Yola is delighted to launch one of its event series - DBK Masterclass - an intensive workshop, presented in conjunction with DISRUPTORS Sanctuary. DISRUPTORS Sanctuary, is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs in disadvantaged and underserved communities. Through the DBK Masterclass Workshops, we hope to provide knowledge, skills, and expertise to startup founders and entrepreneurs on how to solve and find solutions to their everyday business problems and challenges.

About Grants...

Since they do not require payment of interest or equity, grants are the ‘cheapest’ form of financing from the entrepreneur’s perspective. As such, they are understandably popular with early-stage startups – despite often involving stiff competition, time-consuming applications and restrictions on the use of funds. Grants are often used to encourage growth in sectors which satisfy a greater societal need, and so may be targeted at entrepreneurs belonging to a specific demographic or to businesses with a specific purpose.

Our Case study...

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading champion of entrepreneurship in Africa. Its objective is to empower women and men across the continent, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring job creation. It believes the private sector’s role is critical for Africa’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth.

It is said that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to win the TEF - TEEP $5000 Grant, with a success rate of 0.83% while Harvard's success rate is put at 5.9%. After its application drive for 2021 which estimates that over 500, 000 applications were received, there are currently about 50, 000 under going training in all the three categories combined (Startup, Innovator, Disruptor). Which means only roughly 10% made it to the training and coaching phase.

Views from TEF alumni shows that one of the biggest reasons why so many TEF-TEEP trainees, with promising business ideas or businesses, never get win the TEF grant is nothing more than adhering to simple TEF-TEEP instructions and participation rules. Now, with new rules and format, a lot of entrepreneurs have reached out to our chapter to organize this Master class.

In conforming with TEF-TEEP's own guidance to engage and interact based on six pillars, that can be found in its training guide for the 2021 cohort -

1. Advise one another

2. Counsel and guide another

3. Learn from another

4. Motivate and encourage one another.

5. Support one another.

6. Challenge one another.


Main Objective...

The objective of this intensive Master class is -

To provide coaching and hands-on guidance for Startup Grind members (and interested non-members), who are on the current cohort (TEF - TEEP 2021).

To coach the trainees on the key requirements of each phase of the programme.

To provide trainees with Startup Grind's extensive international partner network.   

Area of Focus...

1. Unserstanding the TEF - TEEP Programme - 12/06/2021

Target Group...

The workshop is designed with focus on Startup Grind members across Africa, who are currently going through the training on the TEFConnect platform. But, other interested entrepreneurs who want to leverage the extensive network and resources of Startup Grind are welcome to participate. 


The workshop will be delivered in English.

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Saturday, June 12, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


6:00 PMCheck-In


  • Haaris D. Sa'ad

    Founder - DISRUPTORS' Sanctuary & HDSG & Associates

    Chapter Director

  • Team SG - Yola

    Startup Grind