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I bet you think Startup Grind is just for startups…IT'S NOT! 

Startup Grind Frederick is for the entrepreneurial spirit in YOU! We welcome small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and the business you’ve been planning but haven’t started yet! And we’re not another card exchange… so come and learn, make friends, and charge your entrepreneurial batteries. 

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There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

Past Events

** POSTPONED** Brand Stories That Make You A Customer Magnet

Beyond The Numbers: Building A Strategy From Your Company’s Financials

The Lessons of Sales Street Fighters and Being One Year Older and One Year Wiser

Join us for a Fireside Chat with Mark Greathouse, President, GTG Solutions, on “Business is an Art”


Welcoming Kim Dow for a sassy, classy and super bad-assy Fireside Chat and Panel Discussion

Enjoying The Bridge From Entrepreneur To Leader With Jon-Mikel Bailey, Co-Founder Of Wood Street

Fireside Chat w/ Darryl Sampey, Co-Founder, Pres & CEO of BioFactura, plus GOEFER & Startup Showcase

Building Your Success On Maintaining Your Values With Scott Ryser, Founder & CEO of Yakabod