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- Sign up for a 1:1 session with Derek here.
- We’ll be taking a photo of the community at Global. February 23rd, 6:15 AM PST & Feb 23 at 18:00PST (Feb 24th for APAC). Look for the networking round table labeled “Startup Grind Chapter Director Hangout.”
- Submit positive or negative feedback to the community team here.
- Bevy invoicing is down. When you create a sponsor on your dashboard, please fill out this form
- Register for the Director’s Summit here
- Get included in our Director Directory, fill out this form

1:1 Sessions with Derek
- You asked, we listened! Derek Andersen has opened his calendar so you can schedule a 1:1 session with him. You can find a slot here
- Please only book one slot or session to be fair to the rest of the Director community
- Please include an agenda to ensure the 1:1 is efficient and effective for you all. This is a great opportunity to ask him for business advice, how to increase your personal profile, or anything you believe will help move the needle forward
- If you have ideas or feedback from the session, please complete this form

Global Group Photo Session
As you all know, typically at Global we’d have our annual Directors photo on stage! We all know the chant “Dino, Dino, Dino”. Alas, this year we won’t be able to chant that, but we are hoping to replicate it with a group virtual shot.
For those whose time zones allow for it, please sign in to the conference platform on Feb 23 at 6:15amPST and meet at the networking roundtable labeled “Startup Grind Chapter Director Hangout.” Turn your video on and we’ll take a group picture.
For those who won’t be awake at that time, we’ll take another photo at the same place on Feb 23 at 18:00PST (Feb 24th for APAC).

Submit Feedback Form
- Our Chapter community has some incredible ideas and we’d love to hear them. We of course, may not be able to action every idea submitted, but we’d love to curate them and will be sharing a publicly available list of the status update of each idea or feedback submitted for transparency and to hold us accountable.
- Feedback is also important to us. Positive or negative. Positive feedback affirms that we are doing well and heading in the right direction. Negative feedback may highlight areas where we can improve and we are always looking to improve!
- Submit ideas & feedback here. 

Invoicing Sponsors
- The Bevy invoicing system is temporarily down. When you create a sponsor invoice via your Chapters dashboard, please also complete this form and include the Bevy Invoice url in order for Accounts to generate an invoice from Xero.
- If you have any issues, please send an email to

Directors Summit
The Directors Summit is our yearly opportunity for our global community of Chapter Directors and Co-Directors to connect, learn from one another and for the community team to share the Annual Directors Survey results + plus handout awards to our Director community.
This year, given the Global Pandemic, the event will be virtual. Please sign up here and follow along to sessions being held in your timezone, and if you can make it, don’t miss Derek’s keynote + Director Awards. 

Global Conference Promotion
Looking to promote the Global Conference to your Chapter? Looking to invite Investors to participate in our startup office hours? We put together this guide to answer all of your Global Conference related questions. Check it out here. 

February Director of the Month: Congratulations Seth Mkisi

GetApp Directors Survey
Through 2021, GetApp and Startup Grind have partnered to bring relevant insights and advice to startup founders and creators navigating the complex decisions of finding and selecting software.
GetApp is the recommendation engine SMBs need to make the right software choice. GetApp enables SMBs to achieve their mission by delivering the tailored, data-driven recommendations and insights needed to make informed software purchasing decisions. GetApp is a Gartner company. For more information.
To provide relevant recommendations to you and your chapter communities, we'd be grateful if you can complete this form.

Director Directory
We have had several Chapter Directors request a directory of all of our global community members. We are in the process of updating all of this information to share internally with the community. Please fill out your details in this form. 

January Chapter Highlights
You asked, we listened! For quite some time the community has inquired about what other Chapters are doing and where the community is at. On a monthly basis we will begin showcasing more data and stats as to what Chapters are working on each month!

End of Year Stats
2020 was a wild year but we survived! Shout out to all of YOU who contributed to making 2020 a success. Feel free to share these stats with your ecosystem!

Phin, Yasemin, Madeline, Jess, Manny 
Upcoming Event
Thursday, February 25
Directors Virtual Summit 2021
Fireside Chat (SGVirtual + Livestream) [Free]
While we are bummed we don’t get to see you in-person we are excited that a majority of our community will have easier access to attend this year's Directors Summit. We are excited to have Directors from all our Chapters around the world tuning in and experiencing a unique Directors Summit. Stay tuned, more information will follow soon.
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