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Town Hall Recap
If you missed yesterday’s town hall call with Derek & HQ you can rewatch it here.

Director Portal
Within the next two weeks we will be launching our Director Portal. The Director Portal is the new platform for our community where you can find educational content. If you are an existing Chapter Director or Co-Director and have not completed the cohort training we will offer an ongoing training course where you can up-level your skills and get a refresher on how to host world class events, build community, and receive official certification. 

Meet Our Newest Team Member

SG Europe Director Tickets
Startup Summit is taking place June 29, 2021 & Free virtual conference is on June 30, 2021.
Please register for the SG Europe Conference and utilize the special code director in order to get access to Chapter Director-only lounges. Click here to register. If you wish to promote SG Europe across your social media channels the graphics will be shared in your google slides templates.

SG Women’s Month
It’s our favorite theme of the year- SGwomen’s Month! For the past 8 years Startup Grind has been celebrating and showcasing female leaders around the world. We invite you to host a female speaker during the month of May. Check out the playbook for further instructions, art assets, and more! We’re currently at 66 events and would love to beat last year’s record of 204 events. 

Startup Membership - Refer your Startups!
Excited to share that we are relaunching the startup referral program, wherein you, as directors, can refer an unlimited number of tech based startups from your community, to our free startup membership. The program will run between 13th May - 30th June, 2021 and the Directors with the maximum referrals will get some nice benefits as a token of appreciation.
We have also spent a lot of time compiling some case studies of how startups (including the ones you previously referred to) benefitted from the membership. You can find those and all other information on how to refer startups, access your personal referral links and more here.
What’s in it for you?
In addition to being able to provide startups in your network access to our membership program, here are some benefits which we have lined up for you in order to make this program worth your while:
Top Chapter Directors with maximum referrals (between 13th May - 30th June ’21) will be interviewed on the SG Medium Channel as ‘Super Connector Directors’
These ‘Super Connector Directors’ will also be featured on the Global Newsletter + Directors Newsletter in July/August
‘Super Connector Director’ certificate + badge will be awarded to the Director
A LIVE Leaderboard of Director Referrals can be accessed here (for applications between 13 May - 30 June ’21)
We have created a personalized referral link along with lots of information like benefits to startups, success stories of our existing startup members, email/social media templates for you to use, how to refer, etc. You can find all this information in this document. We are really excited to kick this off and are looking forward to having your startups join the membership and benefit from it! Any questions? Email

Bevy Virtual Update
HOT TIP: We have had several Chapter Directors log into their virtual event before the event begins to do a quick test and run through with the speaker prior to the event. If you select the “end virtual meeting for all” it will end your event and you will not be able to rejoin it. Once an event in Bevy has been canceled there is no way to restart it.

Cohort Shout Out
Shout out to the Chapter Directors in our cohort who have successfully hosted their first event and have officially graduated from the cohort training. Please give them a warm welcome and connect with them.

Director of the Month

Chapter Highlights

Keep Grinding,
Phin, Madeline, Yasemin, Manny, Jess, Abbie
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