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Welcome to Startup Grind Osaka!
Startup Grind大阪へようこそ!

Osaka is the heart of the historic Kansai region, the 2nd biggest economy in Japan, and plays a key role as the gateway to Asia. Winning the 2025 World Expo, Osaka will become a showcase of innovation for future society, to a global audience.

Our mission is to interconnect local, domestic, and global members, to help Osaka & Kansai become a truly global startup ecosystem.

Centrally located with excellent access to the rest of Japan, the Kansai region with its 20+ million population is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, with a GDP comparable to the Netherlands. Osaka, with its rich history, high (and relatively low-cost) quality of life, strong GDP, the largest tourism boom in history, and the upcoming 2025 World Expo, is an ideal stage for startups to test & demonstrate their technologies in a region of the Japanese market with relatively low-competition, make key partnerships to assist their expansion, and gain domestic & international attention.

Startup Grind Osaka is a bilingual, regular event focused on content for:
Startup Grind Osakaは、以下のコンテンツに焦点を当てたバイリンガルの定期的なイベントです。

We invite various entrepreneurs, country managers, investors & startup ecosystem supporters to share their wisdom, successes and failures, to help startups navigate a successful market entry in key markets globally.

Startup Grind originated in Silicon Valley, and is characterized by its "Fireside Chat" format, which involves a casual and open atmosphere.

Startup Grind Osaka is held in Osaka each month (held online until further notice).
Startup Grind Osakaは、毎月大阪で開催されるイベントです。 (コロナの影響でオンライン)。

Events are held in either Japanese or English (depending on the guest).

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Past Events

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オープニングイベントStartup Grind Fukuoka × 徳重徹 (テラドローン代表取締役社長 兼 テラモーターズ代表取締役会長)

Navigating Corporate Culture and International Innovation Ecosystems with Masako Eguchi-Bacon

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The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Brad Feld

“How to build a world-class startup” with Julia Delin, CEO SSE Business Lab, Entrepreneur & Investor.

Collaboration with Foreign Startups - Insider insights into working with Foreign Startups

How to creating a Impactful Giving Business? Hosting Masami Sato CEO of B1G1

Japan Market Entry 101 with Hiro Noguchi, Owner of GranBright Consulting


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