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Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs globally in partnership with Google for Startups.
Through monthly fireside chats and other happenings, we help make local connections and establish a community that is built to support its members, from early stage founder to well-known investors.


• We believe in making friends, not contacts.

• We believe in giving, not taking.

• We believe in helping others before helping yourself.

The Oslo team are truly passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed. We intend to make their startup journey less lonely, more connected and more memorable.

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Past Events

Fireside chat with Co-founder of Twitter: Biz Stone (part of SG Global Conference)

Startup Grind Global Conference 2021

The Art of Engaging Meetings + Events

Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Resetting the Future of Work Agenda. Turning uncertainty into opportunity for growth

Reinvent yourself – lessons from the event industry in Covid times

Neobanks are on the rise, SG welcomes co-founder of N26

Midyear Mingling: Startup Grind SPEED DATING

Fireside chat with Amiah Sheppard

A Founder Story of Cat Genetics and Shark Tank Dollars

Fireside chat with Freshworks: A Unicorn's Guide to Remote Sales in Crisis Times

#SGVirtual with Skillfugees: How to survive the Nordic job hunt

Startup Grind Global Conference Livestream

Chill and Share

End of Year Catchup

Norwegian Fashion Startups: Design Driven and Sustainable

From a Conscious Design Process to a Meaningful Product

#SGLive: Secrets of Sand Hill Road by Managing Partner of Andreessen Horowitz - Scott Kupor

OIW Fireside Chat with Codematics

Alpha Girls: The women upstarts who took on Silicon Valley’s male culture

International VC Night

Startup stories with Marie Louise Sunde and Karl Munthe-Kaas

Fireside chat with Mark Burgess - founder of CFEngine, Aljabr and ChiTek-i.

Young Entrepreneurs

Nordic Community at SG Global 2019 with Casey Fenton (Couchsurfing/Upstock)

Learning Through Gaming vol.II

SOLD OUT! Combining creativity and logic: The art of visual communication

Bootstrapping your way to success - The story behind Dogu

A Startup Odyssey: Why and How to Start Global

Edtech: Learning through gaming - #SG300

Investing in Impact & Peace with Chemi Peres, Pitango VC

#SGBlockchain - Stories beyond crypto

Startup Migrants with Maria Amelie

When a tech unicorn brings DISRUPTION

May is #SGWomen month!

Succeeding as a Startup in the Energy Space

Future of Food with Andy Chen (ex-Tidal, Weorder, Vectr Ventures) and Carl Tengberg (Foodora)

The Future of Venture Finance

[SOLD OUT] Finding the right co-founder - Startup Grind & Founder Institute

Xmas Fintech Edition - Ingar S. Bentsen, TheFactory

Dan Toma - Lean Startup in the Enterprise

Ian Lucey (Lucey Fund) - Making Startups happen

Future of Mobility with SammeVei, Meshcrafts, Zendera and Hayk

Knut Hellan - From Google & Yahoo to Big Data startup

Startup Grind "Back to Work" party

Olav Nedrelid - Bringing AI and IoT to your home

Marianne B. Ricketts - VIBBIO & storytelling

Silvija Seres - How to differentiate from Silicon Valley?

Patrik Berglund (Xeneta)

Daniel Döderlein (AUKA/mCASH)

Atle Christiansen and Jostein Svendsen (FMB Development & Fronteer Solutions)

Sarah Lerche (Escalon Services)

Konrad Fagertun (nLink & Rocketfarm)

Bjarne Lie & Sean Percival (Verdane Cap.& 500 Startups)

Øystein Skiri (Boost)

Kjartan Slette - Co-founder & COO in Unacast (Unacast)

Community Builders (Sommerfest)

Lauga Oskarsdottir (CEO UnitedBloggers)

Even Heggernes (Airbnb)

Thorsten Heller - How to Get Started? (CEO - Greenbird)


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