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The territory of Pavia is facing a strong growth of innovative realities, which exploit the ecosystem university and a very favorable habitat compared to the nearby (Milano) reality. 

Pavia,  located 30 km south of Milan, is a small medieval city in northern Italy (pop. 70,000). Founded in Roman times, Pavia (then called ‘Ticinum’) was the capital of the Kingdom of Lombards for over two centuries. Life in Pavia is both pleasant and affordable. The city center is a maze of narrow streets and ancient churches. The University campus offers many cultural events, museum exhibitions festivals, concerts, and sports. 

The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions. Founded in 1361, it was the only university in the Milan area and the region of Lombardy until the 20th century. Today, the University hosts 24,000 students and 900 academic staff from Italy, Europe, and overseas. The University combines clinical treatment and research in three leading teaching hospitals that employ over 12,000 health professionals. The Policlinico San Matteo, built in the 15th century, recently added three new hospital wings, allowing for more than 500 new beds. 

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