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All private online & offline events organised for startup members as part of the education pillar will be shown here

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The Art of KPI Setting

Building an Empathetic Culture

Recognizing Failure to Relaunch

Speak with Influence + Lead Workshop

The Importance of Perfecting Your Core Differentiator w/ Mike Jones


  • Alex Gordon-Furse

    Alex Gordon-Furse

    Startup Grind

    VP, Startup Programs

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  • Naman Jain

    Naman Jain

    Startup Grind

    Exhibition & Membership Ops Lead, Startup Program

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  • Jamilah Morrar

    Jamilah Morrar

    Startup Grind

    Delegations & Communications Lead, Startup Program

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  • Grace Lancaster

    Grace Lancaster

    Startup Grind

    Event + Speaker Manager

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  • Aayush Jain

    Aayush Jain

    Exhibition & Membership Ops, Startup Program

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