Nizar Ayadi

About Me

Nizar Ayadi is a self-described geek, Web pioneer, contributor, and advocate of technology for the public good through Lifograph. Motivated and successful entrepreneur with proven leadership, grit, and success. Nizar is an exceptional goal driven professional with over a decade of understanding business . Nizar have a competitive spirit and winning drive to succeed in the tech world. Nizar is the founder of Application University, started in 2016, and Ambrosed, started in 2014. He owned GoodFellas : World Best Pizza 2012. He continues to work with Application University as chief executive officer. Nizar is Startup Grind Chapter Director in Tunisia. Born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1980, Nizar received his degree in math and science. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys running, golf, and science innovation. Nizar communicates regularly through his own blog on nizarayadi.com and through Cyber Dust, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. He also travels the country speaking about issues, appearing on behalf of organizations he supports and delivering his message about restaurateur life to audiences nationwide.