Efstathios Zikos

About Me

Efstathios works in Brussels as a Scientific Coordinator since 2011. He studied Psychology and Management & Economics of Innovation in Cambridge, Leiden, Maastricht and Madrid. Previously he worked as a Science & Technology Consultant in Athens, where he attained his certification as a Licensed Psychologist. At present, he is a PhD candidate in Medical Psychology at Amsterdam University. A restless and passionate researcher, he has been involved in networking for the establishment of collaborative networks, management of large databases and development of clinical trial protocols. Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and startups, he joined multicultural teams for the development of concepts and platforms, like Reload Greece and IDEA-UP. Fluent in Spanish, Greek, English, with basic knowledge of French, he is intrigued from the big data revolution and pursues better understanding on social network analysis, data visualization, machine learning technology and coding for their potential in transforming health care.