Aaron Painter

  • Microsoft, General Manager
  • Beijing

About Me

I aspire to be a global business leader who listens - and to inspire a more curious world of global citizens. Having worked at Microsoft for over 12 years, living in 6 countries and traveling to over 100, I've been fortunate to engage with people and businesses of all types. I've learned that the most successful organizations are ones with a culture of listening. Curiosity inspires me to learn about people, cultures and ways of doing business around the world. Values guide my actions and decisions: honesty, integrity and respect are most important to me and what I look for most importantly in others. Mentoring people and start-ups is meaningful because I get to meet and work with impressive people doing cool things, and the questions they ask often inspire what I write. Writing helps me to reflect and process all that I read and experience, and that process of reflection is often one way I learn and grow. Photography helps me to relax because when I walk around with a camera I look closer and more creatively at the world around me, which usually means I discover new things and reasons to smile. Grateful is how I would most describe feeling every day. Please follow me on Twitter (@aaronpa) or check out more on Medium (https://medium.com/@aaronpa).

My blog posts

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Want to know the secret to having a lot of energy? Taking time to recharge. Now is the time to plan for that recharge vacation -- so you will actually take your vacation.

You Owe Your Team Better Feedback

One fundamental role of any manager is to help people grow. There are many ways to do that, but one of the most effective is by giving high-quality feedback to your team.