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Adrian Niculescu – Copywriter, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur + 20 years business experience in building and developing companies + 10,000 students in my online and offline marketing and business courses since 2013 + 30 tech start-ups mentored since 2014 + 500 gigs spoken at: events, consulted, coach, mentored on all continents since 2010 + 250 real estate transactions completed since 2008 + copywriting skills: sales pages, e-mails, funnels, Facebook Ads & Ads on other platforms + tech skills: Clickfunnels, Sales Manago, Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Facebook + marketing skills: marketing strategies, product & startup launches

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What's Next In Cryptocurrency?

In my work as a marketing advisor I get the chance to see so many companies, business models, and trends and two years ago I started to get interested and invest in the area of cryptocurrencies.

Remember The Word Impossible Is Spelled Incorrectly.

Impossible is spelled, I'm Possible.