Aleksandr Basalilov

About Me

Software Engineer, blogger, amateur boxer, entrepreneur, former technical recruiter. As a dedicated technical recruiter I was eventually offered an opportunity to start an app (Parts Detect). Once involved, I helped manage the development and market strategy for the mobile app. Throughout the process I fell in love with the technology, went through Hack Reactor Software Immersive Boot Camp and became a software engineer specializing in React and Node.

My blog posts

Startup Lessons Learned from My Boxing Matches

Startup Lessons Learned from My Boxing Matches

Engendering Inclusivity in Tech Startups

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” — Malcolm Forbes

Attracting Tech Talent

People are the most important part of any company as they are its motive force. They can also qualify as the biggest cost, so it behooves a startup to hire people that will stick around and help recruit others as growth occurs; however, yet struggle to achieve this type of dynamic with in-demand technical talent.