Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

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Co-founder at MarsBased & Director at Startup Grind BCN and Regional Director at Startup Grind. Developing business & Ruby on Rails. Ex-Deloitte, VASS, ESN. Speaks Catalan, Spanish, Italian, German & English - learning Greek. Travels around the world while delivering first-class web & mobile applications with his all-remote development consultancy MarsBased.

My blog posts

Airbnb Trips: Shaping and Investing in the Future of Travel

Airbnb announced in November 2016 the launch of their new product Trips. Airbnb will be transitioning from a pure accommodation booking company to a travel services company.

How to Learn to Sell: Startups Sales 101 by Tyler Bosmeny, CEO at Clever

I don’t watch movies or series. My friends have grown accustomed to this and they know I prefer wasting my time on something else - like live concerts or business talks.

Barcelona's Year of Lessons: 12 Takeaways from Spain's Best Companies

2015 was overall a good year for Barcelona: we had several exits, investment reached an all-time high and we saw an IPO by Agile Content.

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