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Cross-Mobile App Development Made Easy with

With smartphone use projected to be almost 3 billion by 2020, companies and developers who want to maintain a competitive edge simply cannot ignore the mobile space. At the same time the process of building a mobile app can be daunting.

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Highlights The Struggles of Tech Founders

With Silicon Valley once again returning to its former glory of the 2000 era, we're seeing an unprecedented amount of startups being started and funded. This is in tangent to the mass media glorifying and turning startup founders into rock stars. It's no wonder then that Mike Judge's TV series ‘Silicon Valley' has turned into a runaway success, with a cast of zany characters and startup jokes that anyone working in tech can relate to. Judge has also taken time to illuminate what it's like to be a first-time startup founder, and it's not pretty.

How To Think Like A Computer Scientist

“Thanks for coming by, but we’re going to have to get another estimate before we book with you”