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5 Lessons We Learned from a 30 Day App Store Launch Delay

I am currently 26 days into the Apple app review process attempting to get our product, Wavve, live on the iTunes App Store. If you haven't heard, the process is not easy. "Almost launching" every 4-5 days has been extremely frustrating. Worse yet, in this time period, we also saw a competitor make a big splash - more on that later. We can save the Apple rant for another day, but given I have some down time, I wanted to share what I have learned from these roadblocks.

SG Charleston: Startup Community & Collaboration with Chris Schultz of Launch Pad

The Charleston Startup Community has an amazing new resource in town that everyone needs to check out, and it's called Launch Pad. Launch Pad is a collaborative workspace and community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and freelancers – all building businesses together.

SG Charleston: Start Small, Go Big - Lessons from Sam Staley of Bidr

I initially thought the notion of a startup "grind" was a trendy saying -- or a company name. But as I talk to founders, I'm learning, like many entrepreneurs before me, "grind" is the best possible word to explain the process. Keeping confidence levels high is a daily battle and can affect the self-perception of yourself and your company. This struggle  makes it difficult for startups to do what they all must: go big.