Charu Sharma

About Me

Charu Sharma is the CEO and cofounder of Next Play, an enterprise software for personalized employee mentorship and retention. With two former startups, 5 National Awards, expeditions to all 7 continents, over 600 stage shows, and three books published and an award winning documentary film, Charu was enlisted as a "Power Woman alongside such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Gandhi, and Melinda Gates by Youth Incorporated magazine in March 2012.

My blog posts

How Mentorship Can Transform Your Life

I come from a family in India where women don't work because they're expected to stay at home. I persevered day and night to come to the US on a college scholarship, built two startups from my dorm at Mount Holyoke College, started and scaled a movement #GoAgainsttheFlow to educate 1 million women on careers in tech and entrepreneurship. An SVP at LinkedIn took notice and recruited me straight out of college.