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Chris Joannou is the Co-Founder of the Private Label Lab an innovation house focused on the design, development, and delivery of private label food and beverage projects and programmes for major brands, retailers, and foodservice suppliers across the Asia-Pacific. He is the also Founding Director and General Manager of Startup Grind Australia / NZ connecting, inspiring, and educating the Australasian Startup Scene serving 8,000+ Entrepreneurs a month across the Pacific. Ranked as one the top 50 Australian startup influencers by StartupDaily.

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How to Accelerate Your Brand Through Storytelling

You have an idea for a product or service so you create a brand. The brand means very little, so what do you need to do to give it substance and credibility?


Disrupting Food: These 13 Companies are Leading the FoodTech Revolution

While innovation flows freely in every industry, from time to time the media latches onto a particular tech wave or flavor. Flavors of the week have gone by with the seasons, from FinTech to LegalTech, and a new buzz in WeedTech. But one of the most lucrative and untapped markets, ripe for disruption and familiar to every one of us at least three times a day, is in what we put into our stomachs: FoodTech.


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