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creative. tech. entrepreneur. 

He is the founder of Cargo.Digital a physical and digital product development house and the Entrepreneur in Residence for Collective Campus, Melbourne's premier enterprise innovation hub.

The founder of Cleanstack - Australian Botanic Nutrition and Technology Company, and the designer behind DreamPushers

He is the also Founding Director and General Manager of Startup Grind Australia/New Zealand connecting, inspiring, and educating the Australasian Startup Scene serving 9,000+ Entrepreneurs a month across the Pacific. Ranked as one the top 50 Australian startup influencers by StartupDaily.

My blog posts

How to Accelerate Your Brand Through Storytelling

You have an idea for a product or service so you create a brand. The brand means very little, so what do you need to do to give it substance and credibility?

Disrupting Food: These 13 Companies are Leading the FoodTech Revolution

While innovation flows freely in every industry, from time to time the media latches onto a particular tech wave or flavor. Flavors of the week have gone by with the seasons, from FinTech to LegalTech, and a new buzz in WeedTech. But one of the most lucrative and untapped markets, ripe for disruption and familiar to every one of us at least three times a day, is in what we put into our stomachs: FoodTech.

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