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Part efficiency nut, part branding fanatic, part dance devotee and definite business addict; Christie Simmons loves everything entrepreneriffic. Through her varied experiences building her own businesses, working for Fortune 100 companies and coaching passionate business owners Christie developed a knack for helping business owners create more success. She also helped savvy entrepreneurs take things to the next level as an Executive Director in Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University. She does lots more cool things you can learn about at

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Phoenix Is Heating Up and Investors Are Taking Note

The startup entrepreneur scene in Phoenix just keeps getting hotter. And, investors from all around the region are starting to take note as was evidenced at the recent Invest Southwest "VC's Unplugged" event held 5/20/15 at mod in downtown Phoenix.

Leads Are Hard To Get. Don't Let them Freeze.

If you are in the startup world, you will recognize that whether or not you are a salesperson or not, there is salesmanship going on around every corner.  Whether you are trying to get seed money from the latest tech investor in Silicon Valley, trying to make the big sale to a potential client, or working on a partnership with another company that could mean big things for both of you, there is going to be lots of sales. While I like to take a good hard look on team productivity and making sure that it is where it is supposed to be, we often make small mistakes that despite our effort, can destroy some of the leads we are working on. So how do we tell the good leads from the bad, and prevent the good leads from turning sour?

ASU Scores $175,000 Female Entrepreneur Grant from Chase Bank

In February 2015, Chase Bank announced that it’s offering a $175,000 grant to the Arizona State University (ASU) Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. The purpose of this program is to encourage, support, and enhance women-led businesses, starting from the college years. The university’s Dean For Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mitzi Montoya, says, “Women are woefully underrepresented,” when it comes to the entrepreneurial landscape, even in an era when there are more successful startups than ever.