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Ellie Martin is Co-founder of Startup Change Group. As an author and writer, her works have been featured on Yahoo, Wisebread, AOL, among others. She currently splits her time between her home office in New York and Israel

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Nine Costs That Startup Owners Should Never Skimp On

If you’re an entrepreneur or startup owner, you’ve always got one eye on the balance sheet. Sometimes, it can feel like throwing money into a black hole. That’s why making the most of every cent is crucial when you’re getting a business off the ground.

Entrepreneur, Do You Fail At Leadership?

In 2011, Stanford senior Lucas Duplan started mobile-payments app Clinkle, and proceeded to raise $30 million -- the largest seed round in Silicon Valley history -- from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel, and Richard Branson.

How Snapchat Capitalizes on Our Short Attention Spans

You’ve got four seconds to check this out. Take it or leave it.

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