Erik Ackner

  • Startup Grind Chengdu, Chapter Director
  • Chengdu
  • Entertainment

About Me

Erik is a talented event organizer from Germany with a MA double-degree in Chinese-European Business and Economy. He already helped bringing global events such as the Fête de la Musique, Startup Weekend and the Global Citizen Festival to Chengdu and is now acting as Startup Grinds local chapter director to continue building Chengdu’s entrepreneurship community. As an active entrepreneur and community builder, Erik is at the moment starting SHIFT, a fitness platform that aims to create Chengdu’s biggest active fitness community, championing brands that promote health & lifestyle in China’s South West. 艾瑞克是一位拥有中欧经济双硕士并且具有丰富经验的活动组织者. 作为Startup Grind的总负责人, 他将继续打造成都的创业社区. 同时, 他也创立了成都最活跃的健康健身社区SHIFT来倡导健康生活.