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Ahmad Fahim Didar is the founder and Executive Director of Afghanistan based Aghaez Business Consulting Company. Mr. Didar is one of the few people in Afghanistan whose academic and professional background combines the expertise of both business and information technology. With MBA Degree in Information System and 14 years of professional experience; Mr. Didar has worked with different National and International, Government and Private sector organization in higher executive capacities. Mr. Didar has been involved in setting up number of startups companies and has launched number of international brands in Afghanistan.

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4 Traits that Make Women like Oprah Winfrey & Estee Lauder Natural Entrepreneurs

Women aspiring to become self-made millionaires have no shortage of inspiring role models to follow. Whether they aspire to rival Oprah Winfrey's media empire, Anita Roddick's retain conquests with The Body Shop, Lillian Vernon nationwide commerce conglomerate, or cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, the business opportunities open to women are endless - as are their successes stories. Best of all, female founders are building out in the open: they're happy and eager to display their secrets of winning at life and achieving success in the name of inspiring future female founders.

Startup Grind Has Launched in Kabul, Afghanistan

Being in the state of upheaval for over a decade now, it is unfortunate Afghanistan is so often associated with the terror of war, Taliban forces, and insecurity. Some of it is true, of course: we are bravely fighting the war against terrorist, but terror and the Taliban most certainly can't be tracked from our Afghani roots. We've always been a loving, peaceful nation - until the only recent emergency of terror groups who have undermined this part of our nature. But it's not just our success in fighting terrorism in collaboration with US troops that has given us hope that we're moving in the right direction, but also the development of Afghanistan's startup ecosystem. Today, I can proudly say we've moved another step towards peace and prosperity, with the launch of Startup Grind Kabul, Afghanistan.

Role of Startups in Economic Prosperity

When it comes to startups, a general perception is that it needs to be in a developed country where all the resources are available. In truth, that misses the point: startups can begin anywhere, and it's often the countries with the greatest needs that present the biggest opportunities. Startups are at home in underdeveloped countries, nations in conflict, and those countries new to entrepreneurship. Each of these environments offer untapped problems which startups can take advantage of not just to make a profit, but also to make an impact.

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