Francesco Bisardi

  • TechCrunch | Nonfiction Design | ViteLabs, Chapter Director | Growth Marketing Manager
  • San Francisco
  • Management Consulting

About Me

I started coding at 9 YO. Former National Italian Powerlifting Champion 17 YO. I am attracted by the “dark side” – Entrepreneurship, new technologies, innovations-. I jumped from the European Innovation Academy (215 universities, 85 countries) to StartupGrind (150 countries powered by Google for Startups). MIB holder (HULT +150 countries). I love to connect and help people, startups, and entrepreneurs to make an impact that matters inside this world (and others). Growth Hacker | Innovation Advisor |Business Developer| Project Manager. I believe in “Find your vision and follow it, think big, ignore the naysayers, work hard, give something back”.