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About Me

Francisco is the Global Community Director at Startup Grind, a community designed to connect, inspire, and educate entrepreneurs through monthly events around the world. He is responsible for on-boarding new chapter directors, overseeing local events, and producing video content on the Startup Grind Youtube Channel. Since he joined the team in 2012, Startup Grind has achieved exponential growth expanding from 10 to 60 cities, five to 30 countries, and now reaching a network of over 40,000 entrepreneurs globally.

My blog posts

5 Ways to Deal with Comment Trolls, Baiters and Flamers

It’s already challenging enough to get people to comment on your business blog or post reviews. However, what do you do if you get a troll, baiter, flamer, or scammer that takes a liking to your page, product, or business? Depending on where they are (your own site vs. a third party review site) you may or may not have the option of deleting their comments. However, even if that is an option, are you sure that’s the best approach?

Get Out Of This Rut

You know the drill. You get stuck in that settled and monotonous routine that is almost impossible to escape. It doesn't really matter if you are in charge of writing ad text for your company, moving the PPC program along, fixing or working on the continual SEO process, or, if you are the sole owner of your business and you are working with your marketing team to try and spread brand awareness....it happens to all of us; we get in a rut. I wouldn't wish this position on my worst enemy, as it typically leads to people pulling their hair out. It may cause you to sit at your desk and stare at a stack of to-do notes, even blank ones, but one way or another, you need to get out of it right now. The last thing you want to do is end up here.  Don't lie to yourself either, we have all done it.

SG Guide | Publish Your Event with Wordpress

Once your speaker and date are confirmed - and ideally once the venue is fully on board, too - you should publish your event using the Startup Grind Wordpress publishing tool. It is the easiest way to post and manage all of your events in one place. It means directors do not need to create an event in Eventbrite, Meetup, or on StartupGrind.com. The Wordpress tool will automatically complete this setup in a single step. Changes to the event are also made from this tool and update across all event postings. Publishing the event will be the first step to promoting the event, and will send an invitation to all the members most of your groups.