Frank Hysa

About Me

Ph.D. in management, former manager of the Loccioni Group, today he is CEO & founder at HYLE, a company that provides open innovation services to corporates and he is head of the internationalization area of the Hive business incubator. Franks is an entrepreneurial professional with a strong passion for innovation and leadership. My past experiences are comprised of many facets of business development, marketing, team management, and community building - each with the end goal of attaining growth within a company. My present experiences consist of project management activities, managing coworkers and teams, influencing and inspiring peers, and cultivating business relationships. I am an expert in lean startup methodologies with an exceptional ability to network amongst diverse groups of people. The areas I excel in are operations and strategy as well as marketing and advertising. I am continuously looking for new experience and opportunities to help me improve on my skills. Finally, one of the greatest realizations I have come to early in my career is how important and tangible a company’s culture is. It is fascinating to see the connection in employee attitude and output, and whenever I have the chance it will be one of my top priorities to foster a culture of positivity and trust that will motivate people to excel. He is chapter director of Startup Grind Ancona, Founder Institute & Lean Startup Machine mentor and Business Advisor of Silicon Valley Business Journal. Public speaker at various international conferences on the subjects entrepreneurship & innovation: -Startup Grind Europe Conference - London Jun 2017 -Startup Grind South Europe Conference - Barcelona Oct 2017 -Meet The Lead - Casablanca Dec 2017 -Startup Grind Global Conference - San Francisco Feb 2018 - Innovative Boosting Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for Young Entrepreneurs - Brussels Mar 2018