Frans Yuwono

About Me

Frans Yuwono is the CEO & founder of Asia Commerce Network, a Global Sourcing & Importing Solution that helps Business to import Goods from China & South East Asia. He also started Matahari Labs in 2010, a Startup Tech Generator in  Indonesia focusing on Social Media, E-Commerce, and Online Branding, and also Co-founded Malang Digital Core - the first co-working space and incubator for startups in Malang, Indonesia.

My blog posts

Danny Oei Wirianto - the journey from Humility to Stardom

The man behind numerous successful startups and considered to be one of the most prominent figures in Startup industries, Danny Oei Wirianto has built prominent startups upon 20 years of his career in IT industries.

Startup Grind Jakarta Inaugural Event, featuring Hadi Wenas

Startup Grind Jakarta is in Jakarta - the hottest startup city in Southeast Asia!