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What fascinates me are the edges. And nowhere are the edges edgier… the stakes higher… than startups. I've been a founder, and am at it again. There are plenty of sources of friction, compression and tension among founders and financiers, engineers and marketeers. How do you mesh all the edges so they transmit power even when loads are heavy? That’s what I write about.

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The Right Stuff

When I went to hear Sanjay Singhal’s fireside chat with Startup Grind Toronto’s Sharn Kandola I happened to be reading An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, by Chris Hadfield.

Funding Alternatives For Founders Who Don’t Fit VC

One of the big questions for your startup is this: “How will I finance it?” If you assume that your only option is the VC path, think again, especially if you’re a female founder. The chances are very low that you will meet the criteria of VCs even when you have a very strong business. Are there alternatives? Yes. One alternative is an investor such as Ian Lucey.

Soft Skills meet Market Vision: VarageSale Co-founder Tami Zuckerman Building a Community Around Commerce

VarageSale Co-founder Tami Zuckerman (right) chats with Startup Grind Toronto co-host Sharn Kandola. Image Amanda Hunter.