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Currently UX Researcher at Trade Me. Former startup founder and Product Manager. I love making valuable products, good user experiences, being involved in growing startups and hearing the inspirational stories of awesome entrepreneurs.

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Starting a Business? Get Used to These 4 Questions

Starting a business is much more than a career move - it's a lifestyle change. As with any lifestyle change, it can be tricky telling family and friends that you’re embarking on launching a business. Most people don’t have parents, siblings and close friends working on startups, nor a long history of entrepreneurship. This makes explaining what you’re thinking of doing one of the toughest pitches you’ll ever have to make.

How to Build a Great Culture at a Remote Company, with iwantmyname Co-Founder Paul Spence

If you're on your way to starting a business, after the idea itself, one of the first things you'll be thinking about is what you'll call it - its distinct name. Soon after, you'll have to nail the business model - and Paul Spence, founder of, has answers for you on both counts. He joined the Startup Grind Auckland audience to share some of his biggest takeaways in building a company, team, and client base.

SG Auckland: 5 Lessons from Sam Gribben of Serato & Melodics

Culture, customer service and don’t be afraid of MIUAYGA. MI-what? Read on for the full story.