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Guru Charan Kodali is a tech enthusiast, an MBA, a business owner and a dreamer above all and is constantly striving to push his knowledge horizon. Besides having a global exposure, Guru Charan comes with experience in diverse industries such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance and other financial services. His hobbies include writing, motorcycles, music and running.

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Some people call me crazy and some call me jobless. I wouldn’t deny either but as someone wise said sometime way back, “When life gives you lemons you make a lemonade.” Still true today, and maybe even more relevant in business.

Key to the Success of IoT Is IoH

Starting from the times of mythology, where one’s wishes were "heard" by Gods, to technology, where one can overlay digital objects over physical reality and interact or "act" as if they are one and the same, the human element has always been the same – you can call them the enabler, master or even creator to some extent if we are not kidding ourselves.