Hicham Amine

About Me

Growth Lead at HIDDEN FOUNDERS. My experience comes at the intersection of startup growth, Tech and Marketing. I help non-technical founders get early traction, find their product/market fit and be eligible for funding. When I'm not doing this, you can find me lost in mother nature either reading a book or just walking with no specific destination.

My blog posts

How to Grow A Startup: The 5 Best Tips I’ve ever learned.

How many startups launched last year? How many of them succeeded? 

5 Steps Every Non-Technical Founder Should Accomplish Before Finding a CTO

This is an attempt to answer all the “How can I find a technical co-founder?” that many folks, with the next billion-dollar idea, keep asking about around the internet.

CTOs Are The New Pandas

Ok, so maybe they’re not. They’re not endangered, they’re not that cute, and they definitely don’t have the time to play mascot to anybody’s cause. The analogy is still tempting, however, because finding a CTO seem to be the current “issue” of the global startup trend: founders need them, accelerators like them, and aspiring startup cities are desperate for them to move in.