Jack McNamara

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If you want artificially sugar coated BS, don't read what I have to write, don't listen to what I have to say, and continue renting space in your brain with cliches and illogical optimism. However, if you are looking for something different, something real, I think you will enjoy my unapologetic perspective of the startup world and how I have managed to survive. I've crashed in offices, surfed couches, and lived in a gym. With a nonexistent social life, a complex carb diet of pizza and poptarts, and a bank account that refused to quit playing games with my heart, I finally realized how to launch a business the right way. From incubators and accelerators to crowdfunding and investment, if I can't show you what to do, I promise I can show you what not to do. I've raised from angels and VC's and worked with professional athletes and celebrities; however, I am still just an entrepreneur making it up as I go... and for both our sakes stop drinking the Kool-aid and give TruEnergy a shot.

My blog posts

Top 10 Emerging Brands at Expo West Changing the Game

As an entrepreneurial “greenhorn” to the Natural Product’s Expo West scene, I thought it would be economical to scout the competition before investing in a sexy DrinkTru booth for our own functional shot line.

Why Entrepreneur’s Should Brush Their Teeth

This post is to give you the keys to sanity, good health, and a positive outlook while on the mentally eroding journey in the world of "startupdom."