Jim Elias

  • The E-Center / Muscatine Community College, President & Executive Director / Professor
  • Muscatine
  • Education Management

About Me

Not counting the lemonade stands, neighborhood fairs and light bulb sales, I launched my first venture …James’ Games … with my dad when I was 17.  The latest, the E-Center, launched two years ago.  During the years in between, I’ve started advertising/pr firms, helped countless startups and small businesses with their marketing, and become a college professor.  Entrepreneurship is not only a mindset, it runs through the veins.

My blog posts

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Thousands of entrepreneurs, founders, investors and community builders gathered at the Startup Grind Global Conference and Director Retreat in Silicon Valley, to forge connections and bring players in the global startup community closer to one another.

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You’ve likely heard the stories of a simpler time, when all it took to finance your startup was your word and a handshake. 

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“Be bold. Take a leap of faith.”