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About Me

Born and educated in the United States, John Stocki launched his career on a global scale living and working in Australia, United Arab Emirates, and China for over five years, as well as traveling and training in over 30 countries and 29 states throughout the US. In 2012, after returning to the US, John started the Stocki Exchange - A hospitality consulting firm where he now acts as the company's CEO. He is also a successful Keynote Speaker for topics including travel and hospitality sales and marketing. As a Consulting Partner with Mocinno International, John joins a global hospitality management company with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Palma, Dubai, London, and Amsterdam. With his extensive travel experience, John has been hired as a Host, Travel Expert, and Segment Producer for a new 30-minute luxury hotel TV show called Great Escapes. The 39-episode series airs in the fall of 2017 to an estimated 2 million viewers worldwide. He is also a regular Contributor to The Huffington Post, Startup Grind, HospitalityNet, and has written travel articles for BBC Good Food Middle East.

My blog posts

Essential Startup Investments to Protect Your Neck

There is an inherent amount of risk involved in almost every activity you do in your life and if you’ve chosen the entrepreneurial path, you're entering life's riskiest arena. You might feel like you're the Alpha in the Wolf Pack but everyone is going to try and take you as a sheep.

5 Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

Learn to Say NoDuring the initial phase of your business, you many have a very strong urge to adopt a “Jack of all trades,” mentality. This can show that you’re flexible and adaptive, and you feel your company will benefit from the much-needed work that has to be done -- in all areas -- possibly for free.

International Travel Can Help All Entrepreneurs

If you haven’t taken to the skies and traveled internationally, let 2017 be your year for exploration of different cultures, languages, customs.