Joy Randels

  • New Market Parters & Applied G2, CEO
  • Tampa Bay

About Me

Joy is the Founder and CEO of NewMarket Partners.  She’s launched 13 startups, had 2 IPO’s and 9 acquisitions, raising over $300M seeing the hard work payoff and experiencing failure. Joy is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, security and mobile. New Market Partners helps emerging tech companies create scalable businesses, performs due diligence for capital raises and M&A. Joy is also the co-founder of Applied G2 and Nurturism Media Group. She’s an active angel investor and an organizer of Startup Weekend, Ignite Tampa Bay and Barcamp. Bottom line, she wants to see Startups ROCK!

My blog posts

5 Rules for Treating Your Investors Right

There’s a reason most investors have such a tough love attitude: They’ve been burned too many times to do the whole song and dance yet again. Being an investor means taking huge risks while believing in a person and project they might know very little about. As a startup and/or entrepreneur, it’s your job to treat your investors right. Think of it like courting someone for marriage—not dating, not hooking up, not just “talking” but actually courting them with the intention of building a mutually beneficial relationship for the long haul.

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