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About Me

Jyoti is a Business blogger, She inspires youth entrepreneurs to take risks & turn their dreams into realities. She keeps an eagle eye at global entrepreneurial events, happenings & stories. She writes in many influential publications like HuffingtonPost & Tech.co & many more.

My blog posts

Is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) the Right Move for your Startup?

ICOs, short for Initial Coin Offerings, have been quite popular over the past year. They’ve upended traditional angel investments and VC funding to become the most popular platform for early-stage startups to raise money. For most of 2017, startups used ICOs to raise an average of $100 million monthly throughout the year and over $3 billion for the year, surpassing traditional VC funding for early-stage startups.

5 Ways to Use Automation for Your E-Commerce Business

Growing your e-commerce business can be done in many ways. You can find new niche products, hire influencers to become brand ambassadors, or launch a new ad campaign.

Do You Have to Change the World? A Question for Startup Founders

Change the world. Some of us, when we were kids, were taught to dream of doing exactly that. We were given talents and skills, our parents and teachers said, in order for us to use them for social good. But now that we’ve grown up, those big words can be a source of mystery, excitement or even discontent.