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Jyoti is a Business blogger, She inspires youth entrepreneurs to take risks & turn their dreams into realities. She keeps an eagle eye at global entrepreneurial events, happenings & stories. She writes in many influential publications like HuffingtonPost & Tech.co & many more.

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Happy At Work: 10 Inexpensive Workplace Perks For Your People

While company culture and values still play a huge role in employee satisfaction, perks can be better than raise. also be a factor. Sometimes employee perks can matter more than a money raise. Thus, it is important that you offer meaningful add-ons to traditional benefits.

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business According to Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Once a tour guide, teacher, and three-time entrance exam taker, Jack Ma seems to have struggled a lot early in life. But when people look at the man now, they see a multi-billionaire, Alibaba’s founder, and arguably China’s most famous and well-loved entrepreneur.