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Jyoti is a Business blogger, She inspires youth entrepreneurs to take risks & turn their dreams into realities. She keeps an eagle eye at global entrepreneurial events, happenings & stories. She writes in many influential publications like HuffingtonPost & Tech.co & many more.

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How to Automate Tasks Without Losing the Human Touch

Automating tasks is a boon to businesses, especially to marketers who are usually first to adopt the technology. CMO reports that, on average, 49 percent of companies rely on marketing automation. They seek the continuation of mundane tasks by artificial intelligence. Successful implementers see benefits through increased sales productivity and reduced overhead.

Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Startups Going Into 2018

2017 has been huge for ICOs, short for Initial Coin Offerings. So far this year, startups have managed to raise a whopping $1.3 billion in funding from ICOs, which is more than triple the amount raised from mainstream VC funding over the same period.

Happy At Work: 10 Inexpensive Workplace Perks For Your People

While company culture and values still play a huge role in employee satisfaction, perks can be better than raise. also be a factor. Sometimes employee perks can matter more than a money raise. Thus, it is important that you offer meaningful add-ons to traditional benefits.